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1890ís swimsuit couple


80ís Punkers



Abe Lincoln and wife Mary

Aladdin & Jasmine

Alice & Mad Hatter

Anna & King of Siam

Annie & Daddy Warbucks

Anthony & Cleopatra

Arthur & Guenevere

Austin Powers & Doctor Evil

Austin Powers & Go Go Girl



Barney & Betty Rubble

Batman & Cabwoman

Bonnie & Clyde

Brave & Squaw



Captain Kirk & OíHura

Charlie Brown & Lucy

Cinderella & Prince Charming

Columbus & Queen Isabella

Confederate couple

Cowboy & Indian

Crocodile & Hunter



Devil & Angel

Diamond Jim & Diamond Lil

Disco couple

Doc Holiday & Miss Kitty

Dorothy & Scarecrow

Dracula & Bride

Dutch Girl & Boy



Egyptian King & Queen

Elfin king & Queen

Elvis & Pricilla

Elvis & Showgirl

Esmeralda & Hunchback





Fairytale Fantasy and Prince

Fantasy Armour set

Farm Couple

Fred Flintstone and Wilma



Gambler and Saloon girl

Geisha and Samari

Genie & Major Nelson

George & Martha Washington

Ginger and Fred Astaire

Gypsy couple



Hagar & Hilda

Henry 8th & Ann Bolin

Henry Higgins & Eliza Doolittle

Hercules & Xena

Hippy couple

Hook & crocodile



Japanese Emperor & Geisha



Kate and Jack (Titanic)

King & Queen of Hearts

King Louie & Marie Antoinette



Little miss muffet and spider

Little red Riding hood & Wolf

Lucy & Desi



Mac Beth & Lady Mac Beth

Mae West & W.C. Fields

Maid & Butler

Molly Brown & Titanic Captain

Morticia & Gomez



Napoleon & Josephine

Neptune & Mermaid

Nun & priest

Nurse & doctor





Peter Pan & Fairy

Peter Pan & Hook

Pimp & Ho

Pink Lady & T-Bird

Pirate & Wench

Pirate set

Playboy Bunny & Hugh Heffner

Police & Convict

Poodle Skirt & Black Jacket

Prairie couple



Raggedy Ann & Andy

Renaissance wench and woodsman

Rhett Butler & Scarlett

Ring Master & Lion

Robin hood & Maid Marion

Rumba Rita and Ron



Sailor & Pin up girl

Sleeping Beauty and Prince

Snow White and Prince or Dwarf

Sultan & Harem girl

Superman & Super girl



Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee



Uncle Sam & Lady Liberty

Union couple



Witch & Wizard



Zeus & Hera

Zorro & Senorita