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P - Z



Alf  (2)

Ape black (5)

Ape deluxe rubber chest

Ape pink

Apple trees (3)



Baby kangaroo soft

Bear brown

Bear dark brown hood

Bear gray soft comic

Bear Light brown soft

Beauty and the Beast set

    BB Teacup

    BB Teapot

    BB Clock grandfather

    BB Chair

Beaver hood

Bee hoods (4)

Big yellow bird soft (2)


Beatrice Potter ballet set dressed

    BP Duck

    BP Fox

    BP Frog

    BP Mice (6)

    BP Pigs (6)

    BP Rabbits (4)

    BP Wolf

Brown and tan dinosaur

Brown terrier

Bull brown soft (3)

Burgundy animal suit hood



Calico cat soft

Camel (needs 2 ppl)

Caterpillar overhead or hood


Charlie brown

Cheshire cat overhead or hood

Chicken hawk

Chicken/comic mascot

Chinese dragon soft (needs 3-4 ppl)

Chipmunks (3) brown soft head

Chipmunks (3) chestnut hard head


Cow black and white

Cow black and white cotton hood

Cow brown and white cotton w/ udders hood

Cow brown fur soft head

Cow white

Coyote/ roadrunner




Dinosaur/ green

Dog Boston terrier

Dog Dalmatian soft

Dog St Bernard (Nana) soft

Dog white beagle hood

Donkey dark gray hood

Donkey gray soft


Dragon green/purple cotton w/ hood

Duck black soft

Duck white soft

Ducks open face (5)







Easter bunny comic

Easter bunny deluxe

Easter bunny female

Easter bunny soft heads


Elephant (2 man) soft



Fish on heads with water (5)

Fox mask with hat brown

Fox mask with hat gray

Frog green felt

Frog green fur

Frog green soft



Gingerbread man

Gorilla and man in cage

Gorilla deluxe soft

Griffin hood

Grinch mask rubber

Gumby/Pokey soft



Hare with ears and hat

Hippo cotton w/ tutu  hood

Horse brown soft

Horse white rubber (4)

Horse white soft




King Kong

King mouse



Leopard hood


Lion cotton w/ hood

Lion gold soft

Lucy (peanuts)



Mice Christmas (6)







Owl brown soft

Owl gray soft





Panda bear

Parrot soft


Pig flannel hood

Pig pink hood

Pig with pants soft

Pink panther soft (3)



Polar bear soft


Pumpkin open face



Rabbit dark gray hood

Rabbit pink hood

Rabbit white with pink hat


Rat light gray soft

Reindeer (5)

Reindeer deluxe lighted nose (2)

Road runner/coyote

Rooster white

Rooster yellow



Scarecrow deluxe

Shark hood (2)

Sheep off white hood

Showman with hat and mask


Skunk hood


Snowman deluxe

Snowman padded deluxe

Snowman soft (5)

Spider (3)


Sylvester/Tweety soft



Tea cup

Tea pot

Teddy bear soft


Tiger cotton hood

Tiger soft

Tin Man deluxe

Turkey (2)

Turtle (2)

Turtles (3) soft

Tweety/Sylvester soft (2)



Unicorn pink hood



Yeti fur suit rubber mask